Let’s take a look back at last year’s Victor, Arris Schist, the 18-year-old volunteer tribute from District 2.

The 35th arena was a maze. Arris brutally murdered anyone who came across her with the axe she gripped tightly in her hands. The Finale consisted of her and two others who were left standing, District 3’s Twain Heurist, who had survived with his intelligence, and District 1’s Catalin Grisaille, a volunteer tribute from District 1. The survivors were chased to the end of the labyrinth by frightening, Gamemaker-designed muttattions. Twain, whose physical strength was nothing compared to his mental strength, couldn’t keep up and was torn apart by the razor-sharp teeth of the wolf-bear creature. Catalin and Arris met at the end, where they fought valiantly; Catalin with her daggers and Arris with her axe.
Eventually, the fight came to an end when Arris, at the right moment, sliced off Catalin’s hands, leaving her defenseless. She fell to her knees, screaming in agony. It was then that Arris chopped her head off and became the Victor.

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Bad Wolf