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It’s me again folks, here to update you on the latest from the Arena! As those of you who are watching on-screen know, two big bangs just occurred in the Arena! The earthquake causes the Hospital to crumble down, trapping District Seven’s Aspen Birchwood under pounds of rubble. It looks like she’s trapped, folks. Maybe it’s time to take a bet on someone else.

In the damage, District Twelve’s Merideen Shale’s leg has been crushed under the weight of debris, and District Ten’s Boyne Wellington’s skull absolutely obliterated. Exciting maybe, for those who want to see the blood. 

On the other side of the Arena, Caspian Zale and Castor Black form a secret alliance against the Careers. Their plan seems a little loose, but who knows? It may just work. We even get a little fight from them—punching, cutting, etc. When the rest of the Careers return, the Cornucopia explodes out of nowhere. Shards of shrapnel fly at high speeds into the Careers’ flesh and the explosion leaves some pretty bad burns on their bodies. Fiera Hintaine and Caspian Zale have gotten the most damage— a piece of debris shooting into Fiera’s chest, third degree burns all down her arm. We think Caspian’s gone deaf in his left ear, and he has some horrible burns on his back. 

Meanwhile, Saye Teneriffe, still dizzy from her concussion, runs into the alliance made up of the outlying District members.

That’s all for now! We’ll make sure to keep you posted. Alekzane Ulynova from PanemTV signing out.

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